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2020-07-28 - Webinar - FGV - Future of Urban Mobility, New Reality After The Crisis!

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2020-07-28 - Webinar - FGV - Future of Urban Mobility, New Reality After The Crisis!

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Whether for work, to move goods, or just for fun, we are always on the move—transportation rules our lives, and for over a century, the automotive industry was shaped to sell more cars for individuals, and with that, it reshaped our cities. With the increasing numbers of cars sold every year, we turned our cities into a big yard of parking spaces, and we made moving around as inconvenient as it could possibly become at all levels. However, the era on which we rethink all of our transport systems has already begun. How cities of the near future will look like and how the COVID-19 crises will impact the already undergoing change in urban mobility?

Join Leon Diab, entrepreneur, Stanford graduate, and CEO at Brilhon Technology in this talk that will address the future of Urban Mobility after the crisis.

Leon Diab is the co-founder and CEO of Brilhon Technology, a German/Brazilin company that offers sustainable modern solutions for urban mobility and is the first company to work on enabling electricmobility at scale in Brazil. Leon holds a Masters of Science in Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Stanford University. Moreover, with an international career stretched over seven countries, and his fascination with the technology and design of cars, he has developed towards an expert in smart mobility. Today Brilhon has offices in São Paulo and Berlin and projects in partnership with 500 fortune companies amongst them Uber and Bosch.

Leon Diab - Co-founder and CEO of Brilhon Technology

Jorge Carneiro - Associate Dean, OneMBA